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Soldiers from the Fyndii front marooned on a hostile alien planet [Artwork by Stephen Fabian, from the Amazing Stories publication of Men of Greywater Station]

The Double War was a centuries-long conflict between the Federal Empire and two alien races, the Fyndii and the Hrangans. It was also known as the Great War, the Fyndiin War, the Hrangan Conflict, the Thousand-Years War, or simply as the War. In many ways the Double War was in reality two conflicts; the enemies never had any contact with each other and were in no sense allies, though both were engaged in warfare against humanity.

The Federal Empire occupied the space between the two enemies, and thus fought on two fronts; the Fyndii hordes were inward toward the Core, the so-called Hrangan Empire outward toward the galactic fringe. The war against the Fyndii began first, and was generally a shorter and cleaner conflict, finally resolved through negotiations and the intervention of a third alien race, the Damoosh. The Hrangans were considerably less understandable and much more inimicable to humanity. Hostilities never officially ended between Hranga and Earth; both civilisations collapsed. Humanity underwent the Interregnum and recovered, although never again as a single political unit. The Hrangans suffered virtual genocide at the hands of their own slaveraces and human colonials.[1]

"Thousand World" stories which take place during the Double War include:

Partial Timeline (bi-1000 to bi-10)

  • Kayan is colonised from Deirdre
  • Tara is raided by the Hrangans (the first of many raids)
  • High Kavalaan is colonised from Tara
  • Greywater is discovered and a research station is established there to combat the Fyndii
  • High Kavalaan is raided by Hrangans
  • Braque is colonised
  • Bastion is invaded and occupied by the Hrangans
  • The Damoosh ally with humanity in their war against the Fyndii
  • The Damoosh help negotiate a peace between the humans and the Fyndii, ending that phase of the war
  • Prometheus is colonised by the military arm of the Federal Empire
  • The Ecological Warfare Corps is established on Prometheus to wage biological warfare against the Hrangans
  • Thisrock is built and manned by the Ecological Warfare Corps as a naval strikebase
  • Bastion is liberated from the Hrangans
  • The Steel Angels are established on Bastion
  • Eshellin is colonised from Daronne
  • The Hrangan planet Hrakkean is conquered by the 13th Human Fleet, under Stephen Cobalt Northstar


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