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The Damoosh occupy an area of space closer to the galactic core than either the Manrealm or Fyndii Space. There is a scarcity of humans this far inwards and a much greater diversity of alien species.


Homeworld of the alien Cedrans, and located between the Damoosh worlds and the Ullish stars.


Planet located beyond the Ullish stars. It is a decades starflight from the Manrealm and rarely appears on human starcharts. It is barren place, full of grey oceans and endless windy plains. It has a spacefield that was built five-thousand years ago by the extinct ul-nayileith. The windwalls of the spacefield hold a port city, while outside lies an open-air city of outcasts, homeless and shipless voyagers. Further east lies the Stone City, a mysterious, ancient structure whose origins are unknown. Grayrest serves as a crossroads for different aliens, including the Danl'lai (who administer the affairs of the planet), the Damoosh, the Linkellars, the Cedrans, and the ul-mennaleith (who were the planet's former administrators).

Stories set on Greyrest:


Legendary planet which serves as the capital of an alleged second human empire, located some five-hundred years starflight from Earth, towards the galactic core. There are many rumours about Prestor. Some travellers say that it contains cities floating on clouds, while others say it is a single world-spanning city. Some claim it was founded by a wandering generation ship, while others claim it was settled by a squadron of Earth Imperials fleeing a Hrangan Mind. Some even believe this second empire was founded by the explorers Tomo and Walberg, who once journeyed towards the core, and that the altered man Walberg rules it still.

Other Regions

  • Nor T'alush Space
  • The Twelve Worlds of the Linkellar
  • The Reaches of Kresh
  • Aath (home of the Gethsoids)
  • The Ullish Stars (home of the ul-mennaleith and the Danl'lai)
  • The Galactic Core

Starmap of Damoosh Space and Beyond by caffeine2 from DeviantArt (planets where stories take place are marked in red)