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The Collapse refers to the period in which the Federal Empire of Old Earth disintegrated and fell. Dates for the collapse are difficult to fix; war had made communications between worlds even more chaotic than usual, and each planet experienced the collapse in its own ways and in its own time. Most historians cite the revolt on Thor and the destruction of Wellington as the key events in the Federal Empire's fall, but point out that the Empire had been a thin fiction for centuries before that as far as the more distant colonies were concerned.[1]

Partial Timeline (bi-10 to ai-0)

  • There is a revolt on Thor
  • The 15th Human Fleet disintegrates
  • Old Earth attempts to remove Stephen Cobalt Northstar from command of the 13th Human Fleet, resulting in the fleet rebelling and destroying Wellington
  • The Avalon-based 17th Human Fleet, under Rajeen Tober, rebels against the Federal Empire and resettles on Tober-in-the-Veil
  • Avalon restores the 5th Human Fleet in order to defend itself
  • Newholme and most of the other first-generation colonies secede from the Federal Empire
  • Darkdawn is colonised
  • Wolfheim is colonised from Fenris
  • The Double War ends


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